Top quality and reliable data sources

Garbage in, garbage out. Empirico makes the quality and reliability of the financial data a top priority for its users. For this reason, we only integrate high quality and robust players into our technical solution.


EOD Historical Data is a European-based data provider offering data from more than 70+ stock exchanges all over the world.

They have direct contracts with several exchanges for their corresponding data streams, including Nasdaq, LSE, Cboe, ASX and more. They support over 1’000 indices and 20k ETFs.


As a global market leader in financial solutions, Bloomberg needs no introduction. We are setting up a partnership to bring the power of their data directly into Empirico, for your own delight.

Stay tuned!

Coming soon

Do you want to become an official data provider?

Empirico is open to integrate any reliable market data provider who wants their user to leverage the power of backtesting.