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Quickstart steps

Find all the answers you need and get help using Empirico to backtest your strategies and turn them into live investments

Step 1

Pick a sample strategy

Once you login to Empirico you will get some sample strategies already backtested for you. You can access their details and explore them. Once you feel ready, just create your own strategy or launch the tutorial to learn more about the tool.

Step 2

Create your own strategy

You can start creating your strategy backtest by opening the wizard. You will be guided through a step-by-step process to define basic parameters, such as your investable universe, your momentum indicator, your ranking, selection and distribution strategy. 

You can also pick a benchmark to be compared with your strategy results, apply advances filtering options before launching your run. Once completed you will manage to access all the details of your backtest and fine tuned it. 

Step 3

Turn a strategy into an active investment

You can turn a strategy into an active investment at any time. Once you do it, some extra configuration will be required and you will access a full control panel to get your market orders lists generated to follow your strategy of choice. 

Find the answers you seek and get help using Empirico to backtest your strategies.

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