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About Empirico

The early users’ version is the current early release of Empirico. It is a fully functional application limited to quantitative strategies backtesting. The early users’ version is intended for early adapters that want to explore the product and want to contribute to its improvements by providing feedback. Join our waiting list to be among the first ones to try it.

Empirico uses high quality financial data provided by carefully selected providers. Empirico automatically verifies data consistency in best effort. By using Empirico you implicitly agree with the Terms & Conditions of both Empirico and its data providers. For more information, you can contact us anytime.

We have a nice User Guide set up for you, and a quickstart on how to use the product. Early users can also contact us for dedicated support. We also plan to organize some short webinars on how to use the tool, stay up to date by joining our waiting list.

Currently, each user can run and save a maximum of 10 simulations. If you want to add more, you need to delete a previous simulation run. This limitation will be unlocked in future releases.

Your simulations are safely stored and encrypted on Empirico’s cloud infrastructure and can be accessed only from your user account.

Only you can access your simulations.

We care about your data and personal information. If you want us to delete them you can simply log-in to your account, go to our Profile Page and select “Delete Account”. Please note that this action is not reversible and the Empirico team will not be able to retrieve your data.

You are more than welcome to contact us and ask for support. We would be happy to organize one-to-one virtual meetings with you to respond to your questions and collect your feedback. 

Pricing & payment

The early users’ version of Empirico is free of charge. Specific pay plans will be added in the future. If you want to be notified please join our waiting list.

The early users’ version of Empirico is completely free of charge for our end users. Please keep an eye on our pricing page or join our waiting list to get the latest news about pricing or subscription changes. 

No. Empirico is not a brokerage application and is not directly connected to exchanges. You can use Empirico to generate portfolios and rebalance them according to your investment strategy, as well as to get detailed reporting. 

Empirico provides you with the market order lists that are used to rebalance your portfolio, including quantities to buy/sell/reduce/accumulate (depending on your strategy).

You can choose – at your own risk – to integrate Empirico with supported brokers to manually or automatically execute orders on your broker’s account. 

In order to discuss dedicated solutions for enterprises and financial institutions please contact us directly. We will be glad to assist you. 

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Find how to use Empirico at its best.